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Referral Partners


As a Realtor, your network of support is critical to your success. From reliable home inspectors to title companies that wrap up a closing, every touch point with your clients from this support network defines their experience with YOU.

When you are working with a buyer, the loan process is a huge part of defining a buyer’s experience with you. This is why working with a competent and knowledgeable Loan Officer is critical. Getting the loan closed is extremely important but to a buyer the following are also very important:

  1. Rate – as a wholesale broker we have access to the most competitive rates in the market
  2. Fees – we do not charge junk fees to the buyer – lowering their cash to close
  3. Communication – we pride ourselves on consistent communication and buyers can talk to ANYONE on our team
  4. Knowledge – knowledge comes from experience and education

Our goal is always to give the buyer an AWESOME HOME LOAN and create RAVING FANS. Here’s what we have learned – raving fans refer their friends. Our goal is to have the buyers so excited about their final closing disclosure that they are bragging to their friends about it!

How does working with the Lombardi Team at Pioneer Mortgage Funding help you as a realtor?

  1. Raving fan buyers (see above)
  2. True second opinion underwriting
  3. Second chance appraisals
  4. Appraisal waivers applied whenever available
  5. Access to a breadth of programs
  6. Loan structuring options

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If you are a builder without an affiliated lender, you may feel at a slight disadvantage with incentives. How can partnering with a wholesale broker help you grow your business?

When you work with a wholesale broker, we can offer your buyers:

  1. Zero lender junk fees
  2. The most competitive rates
  3. The empowerment that they can choose their own loan and financing

Having the Lombardi Team be able to provide access to awesome home loans can help you stand out and win business against big builders that force buyers to use one lender and offer one rate with set fees.

Let us show you how we can document side by side the value to buyers of selecting you as their builder. Numbers are powerful. We are not afraid to share ours and help educate buyers on how incentives can be quickly eaten by junk fees and charging discount to access the rates we offer at no cost.

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